By Azizullah Rasikh
Translation by Asadullah Jafari “Pezhman”

Where are you, Daykundi’s pretty girls?

Where are you, the Nili blue light?

In the competition field of lessons and sports

Where are you, the Shahristan girl lion?

I am proud of you, girl of Kajran

Where are you, the beautiful girl of Khadir?

I cherish and adore your two beautiful eyes

Where are you, Bandari’s Fairy?

You are the survivors of the Shirin generation of Hazara

Where are you, lion daughter of Pato?

Your two lashes are the same Scorpion bite

Where are you, Oh! Nawimshian cute girl?

You are proud of the village and country

Where are you, Miramurian tall girl?

Your braveries are spoken of often

Where are you Ashtarli’s daughter’s flower?

Where are you, Kati’s Tooth oysters?

Daykundi is known as Heaven of Al-Hazara.

By Maryam Homayun Kabuli
Translation by Asadullah Jafari “Pezhman”

Let’s stroll beautiful Kabul

Let’s walk to Bagh-e Qargha and Bagh-e Bala

Apart from war and horror stories

Let’s walk to Shahr-e Naw and DehDana!

To remember the narrow Alleys of Kabul

I write my name on the Kabul stone

My love and hope muted and faded away

I was reduced to ashes in the Kabul war!

Homeland your every border and land is grieving

The heart is restless to see you

O my God, grant us peace and tranquility

I’m here myself; my heart is in Mazar’s city!

By Noorjahan H.

Let me go to school

If you burn my book

I will write on the ground

I will write my exam answers on leaves

If my pen is broken, don’t be happy

I will write on damp ground with rocks

Don’t give me your garden fruit

If I am starving

Instead, allow me to go to school

To write apple on the flimsy ground

I have hundreds of questions

And now I don’t have answers

Why shouldn’t I write on soil,

And in the cosmos?

by Maryam Homayun Kabuli
Translated by Asadullah Jafari “Pezhman”

Tell me a story so that my heart will be changed
So the bitter days I have Afget a little better

Tell me a story so that my dreams bloom with buds and buds,
the thorns burn and become dust and…

By Mahtab Sahel
Translated by Asadullah Jafari “Pezhman”

Bloody headlines of world news, Kabul

Murder, escape, crying, volcano blasts, Kabul

The bitter screams of the wounded left on the ground

When will it reach near the God in heaven, Kabul?

You remain as tired as the corpse of young

between the filthy teeth of dogs, Kabul

Gunpowder and mortars from your streets every moment

Your clouds, instead of the hemlock rain, Kabul

These days you are amidst death and misery

These days you are among enemies, Kabul

How long must you bear dying every day?

Nothing came of others, Kabul

You are a mother with bloody breasts

Poisoning the throats of the children, Kabul

I love you with all these ruins and ruins

Stay with me! Stay with me! Stay with me, Kabul!

by Masoma S. Hossaini

Life is a Trip
We are passersby
Take your time

Life is just you
Seconds are yours
Just be strong

Believe in God’s miracles
Believe in your abilities
Believe in yourself

Difficulties will end one day
Sorrows will end one day
Justice will find a place
The poor will have food
The naked will have clothes
Just believe in God
And be strong

Being strong takes effort
Go ahead
In the world
Believe in yourself
And go ahead
Fighting all hardness

Success is not achieved easily
One day you will win
And you can be proud of yourself
Take your time

Life is a trip
We are passersby
Make it nice and beautiful

By Najeeb Barwar
Translated by Asadullah Jafari “Pezhman”

Wherever they cross the border, you make the bridge

Talk about Tehran, Samarqand and Sar-e pol

Laugh at anyone who talks about war

Speak toward them from the tolerance window

Say no to political idols. No! No!

Bloom on the grave of divisions.

A handful of Bukhara soil and mud from Neishabour

Bring together the ruins of Kabul

Dear Pamir caged girls

flower of Khorasan’s garden, curl on the crests

Bring a goblet from Balkh and wine from Shiraz

Lyricism is the drunkenness of both worlds

Wherever they cross the border

You make two bridges

By Abdulwadood Shirzad
Translated by Asadullah Jafari “Pezhman”

I have carpets and dishes. I sell, do you buy?

I have a ruined house. I sell, do you buy?

Here is no work, no bread found for the night

I have a beautiful child. I sell, do you buy?

I have…

By Arezzo Ahmadi
Translated by Asadullah Jafari “Pezhman”

If I am unfamiliar, forgive me

I am homeless and shelterless, forgive me

I am a passenger on the roof of the whole world

I am homeless and homelandless, forgive me

They forced me to leave my house

They forced me to flee my homeland and nest

They have set fire to my whole life

They have sent me to a foreign country

I do not know where the blackness comes from

Where did this homeless wandering come from?

I traveled on the sea’s wave

Where did the fish stink come from?

I am in the depths of the well, look at me

I am as homeless and brotherless as Joseph

The mosque is full of the blood of the oppressed

Whether in exile or in my homeland, I am ruined!

By Mohammad Essa Anwari
Translated by Asadullah Jafari “Pezhman”

Sing so that the silent season is full of nightingales, Sarkhosh

Your songs are a gift to Kabul, Sarkhosh

Hit the nail on the Dambura string to break my hatred

Tears from my eyes are a bridge to you, Sarkhosh

Sing the songs of the land and my Pamir shoulders

That your Badakhshan lap will be full of hyacinth, Sarkhosh

Your throat is full of hatred, your air is full of heartrending

Shout your voice so that it is the salve of Zabul, Sarkhosh

The air of Bamyan is silent, cold and silent without you

Sing the song of Bamyan so that it is full of flowers, Sarkhosh!

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