A Dream Can Change Your Life

A poem by Ali Mohammad Amim

A dream can change your life,
Can give you energy,
Make you hopeful for the future
Can help you to feel
Stronger and more talented

We should take care of our dreams
Even if a dream fails
We should not give up
Having a dream will take you to
Places even you may not understand
Until later

Having a dream can give you wings
To fly towards your wish, your aim, your target.
Having a dream is having potential
To change the invisible to the visible

Having a dream can lead
To power, light,
Friends, partners,

Anyone who has achieved a goal
Once had a dream and
Changed it into reality.
All of us can do that too.

About the Author: Ali Mohammad Amim was born in Ghor province, in the village of Yakhak, in the Lal wa Sarjangal district. He attended Imam Ali High School and graduated from the physics department at Bamyan University. Now, he teaches physics at a private high school. His big dream is to serve his country as much as he can. He believes that every citizen of Afghanistan is responsible for building up their country.

Writing by Afghan writers. Editor/Publisher: Nancy Antle; Editor: Pamela Hart