by Narjis Ansari

I want to write about the sorrow that befell a family because of a shameful government who does not protect its citizens.

This family lived in Kabul and had been leading a happy life. They had one son and two daughters. Their son, Hussin, worked as an English translator for the electric company. One of their daughters studied law and the other daughter is married and living in a foreign country.

The month of Ramadan was near. During this time all Muslims fast during the day. Hussin brought food for the evening meals and took care of the family. His father and mother were both old and his father was a paraplegic. One day, during this time, there was an explosion in Kabul while Hussin was on his way to work. Many people were martyred that day. One of the martyrs was Hussin.

When Hussin’s sister heard the news of the explosion she called her brother but he didn’t answer. She went to his work place but didn’t find him. She found him in a Kabul hospital but he was already dead. She broke down, sobbing. She had lost her only brother. Her parents had lost their only son. They lost their happiness.

Hussin’s sister wants the government of Afghanistan to protect its citizens so no more people are killed by enemies and no other family feels the kind of sorrow that her family feels.

About the Author: Narjis Ansari has been studying English at Pioneer Educational and Cultural Organization since July 2017. She also studies biology at Bamyan University where she is in her last year.

Writing by Afghan writers. Editor/Publisher: Nancy Antle; Editor: Pamela Hart