A Place of Education, Peace and Democracy

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2 min readNov 26, 2018

An Essay by Gulchaman

Residents of Jaghori fleeing their homes. Photo by: Asif Sultani

Jaghori is a place of education, peace and democracy. The population is 600,000 but there is no prison because there is no crime — no murder, no robbery. The people of Jaghori advocate for tranquility and peace.

Jaghori is a place of education, peace and democracy. Girls and boys both go to schools. Girls attend schools more than boys. They both ride bicycles and drive cars which is rare in other districts. Jaghori is a flourishing place. It has beautiful mountains, trees and fields.

Jaghori is a huge asset of Afghanistan and it has a message of peace for the world.

Jaghori is a place of education, peace and democracy. But Jaghori is under attack by the Taliban now. Hundreds of people were killed including 30 commandos, and thousands of families were displaced. Innocent people’s blood was shed. Many children lost their fathers when they tried to defend their district. Many children became orphans. Now, Jaghori does not have General Habibullah Bashi who was a faithful one for Jaghori.

Jaghori is a place of education, peace and democracy. Children had colorful wishes and hopes but now their world is black. Jaghori smells of blood now. There is fear and disaster. Displaced people in Bamiyan, Ghazni and Kabul don’t have access to food or clothing. They have lost their warm, calm homes and everything necessary for life. The vampires did not like seeing Jaghori’s improvement and satisfaction so they attacked it. They created horror in Jaghori to stop Jaghori people from developing. They have replaced pens with guns. The government and all who believe in democracy and peace should return peaceful Jaghori to its real owners. Genocide of Hazaras should be stopped not only in Jaghori, Malistan and Urozgan, but in all Hazara regions.

Hazaras are advocates of education, peace and democracy. Definitely, the Taliban and all who are against democracy want to eradicate Hazaras and impose their extremism on them — like insisting that women not be allowed to go out without a burqa or hijab. The Taliban are terrorists. We have witnessed them burning schools many times. Men, women and children have been oppressed by the Taliban for years. No one whose aim is democracy in Afghanistan should reinforce or support the Taliban. They are responsible for cutting the throat of Tabasom, who was very young and small. Her grim death cannot be forgotten. Hazaras need to be protected. They just want security and they will scream for it and justice by protesting until it happens.

Jaghori is a place of education, peace and democracy.



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