A Question of Questions

Afghan Voices
1 min readOct 21, 2019

A poem by Nematullah A.

The crazy world
Is drowned deep
Deeper than yesterday
And deeper everyday
Here’s a question I’d really love to ask
Is there a place for me to hide?
All I know about you is hatred
All I know you made the children fight
One day I will change to a fighter too
But as a warrior of light
Light will be my weapon
Call me crazy but the day will come
When children can be children
When they can be warriors of light
When mothers are in peace
Is there a place for me to hide
From the sound of the artillery?
You made children cry
Mothers worry
And the planet a prison
A jail for a free man
My question of questions
Goes to humanity
What have we done
That made us separate and disparate?
Is there a place
Where we can hide our humanity?



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