Afghan Women Are Strong

Afghan Voices
2 min readDec 3, 2021

By Mohammad Zaki Zaki

Young Afghan women at school in the past

Afghan women are strong
They want to learn
To be the best
Become leaders, judges

I believe Afghan men must assist
This is my responsibility
My occupation
To join hands with women

Now Afghan women are restricted
Even despondent
Still hopeful
Looking for spring after winter
For song after this massive silence
For rebirth after burning
For rest after exhaustion
Light after gloom
Dawn after dust
For joy after misery
Looking for hope to come soon

I cherish Afghan women
Their goodness, their attitudes
I honor their passions and pains
I insist on their welfare
While condemning their foes

The women of Afghanistan
Raise their hands
Call out to the world for help
In rebuilding this country
So their dreams can come true

An Afghan woman can do anything
She is not frail or ignorant or limited
But some desecrate women
Keep them away from school and study
Bring acts of violence and shame
Ignoring their cries
Why are Afghan women desecrated?
Why do we overlook their pleas?
Why are they being sold?
Why do some men work
To eradicate women from society
Expel them from schools
Count them as less than men
Decrease their courage
Deride their bravery
Depress their aptitudes

To the women of Afghanistan
I say honestly
You are powerful
I pledge to support
Your strength



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