Afghanistan: A Hell for Children

Afghan Voices
2 min readMay 19, 2020

After the attack on the maternity ward in Kabul May 2020

A poem by Mohammad Zaki Zaki
May 16, 2020

Baby is free like a bird
Baby is soft hearted like an angel
Baby is quick learner like a parrot
Baby is open minded like a professor
Baby is pretty as a bunch of flowers
Baby is lovely like life
Baby is awesome like spring nature
But for baby Afghanistan is like a cage

How sad for the Afghan baby who is safe only in death
A baby who is guiltless of everything
A baby who is a fresh flower
A baby who is a clean sheet of paper
A baby who is like dew in the morning
A baby who is learning to grow
Even the future is perilous
A baby who can become an adult
A baby who could help the homeland
A baby who will play a positive role in society
A baby whose wings mean freedom
A baby who learns how to get rid of evil
A baby who is the foundation for change
A baby whose mind is ready to develop
A baby who shines like star

Mother is raising her baby to fight against violence
Mother is feeding the baby to be a proud Afghan
The mother has already been slapped
The mother has already been disappointed

The mother has already been fired
The mother has already been kidnapped
The mother has already lost words
The mother has already stopped living
Who will mother the baby who has no mother

Baby is kidnapped here by thieves
Baby is beheaded here by terrorists
Baby is discriminated here by racists
Baby is raped here by clergy
Baby is abused here by robbers
Baby is addicted here by narcotics
Baby is punched here by violence
Baby is splashed here by acid
Baby is burned here by fire

Humanitarianism is genuinely difficult in Afghanistan
Having a full life here is incredibly hard
Growing well here is dangerous
Living here is nearly impossible
Enjoying life is not long-lasting

Baby is grown here by gunfighter
Baby is taught here by flag wavers
Baby is born here into extremism
Baby is acquainted here by smoke
Baby is advised here by thieves
Baby is condemned here by society
Baby is chided here by parents
Baby is chased here by vagrant
Baby is decorated here by fog
Baby is motivated here by corruption
Baby is educated here by terror

Dreaming big is just like a nightmare
Getting along with family is profoundly difficult
Staying safe here is an impossible dream
Committing crime is like drinking water
Baby will live here like a caged bird without song



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