Afghanistan’s Dark Day

Afghan Voices
1 min readAug 23, 2022

By Sharifa Ahmadi

On 15th August 2021 the sun hid
herself behind dark clouds
Clouds turned from white to black
Birds stopped flying over the city
Kabul became silent and dangerous

People lost their safe lives
The Taliban showed up
Darkness covered all cities
The cruelty began

Our minds and hearts full of sadness
While we think of those black days
Tears meet our eyes
Dust sits on our face
Our hearts beat very fast

Voices of freedom became voiceless
Doors of hope closed for girls
Families were separated
Disappearing into the world’s crowd

Mother somewhere to the north
Father somewhere to the south
Children gone to the east and west
So many suffer depression even if safe

People in Afghanistan
No longer secure under the injustices
Some sell their children
To find food for their family
Some are alive, but not really living

On 15th August 2021 Afghanistan’s
Hopes turned dark my country
My country, I pray for my country



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