An essay by Freshta Ahmadi

The handwritten original essay and artwork by the author.

Bamyan province is really a beautiful place, especially in spring and summer seasons. In these seasons, nature is graceful. The weather is also fresh and warm. In winter the weather is very cold.

Bamyan province has several historic places to visit like the Buddha statues, Band-Amir (our national park), Shahr-e Zohak (an ancient fortress) and Shahr-e Gholghola (an ancient city conquered by Genghis Khan). These places are famous in Bamyan province. Every year a lot of tourists are coming from different parts of the world to visit these places.

The people of Bamyan province are so courageous and they are working hard towards a good education. The people here are from many different kinds of cultures, educational backgrounds, economic backgrounds and levels of technological availability. Many students come to my school from different locations and they are all working hard to improve their knowledge and education. I am from Bamyan province and I love it so much.

About the Author: Freshta Ahmadi is 18-years-old and lives in Bamyan, Afghanistan. She is a top student in her English classes at school where she is in the 12th grade and in second position. She studies at Pioneer Educational and Cultural Organization as well. Her activism focuses on education, children’s rights and women’s rights in impoverished communities.

Writing by Afghan writers. Editor/Publisher: Nancy Antle; Editor: Pamela Hart

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