Bloody Headlines of World News Kabul!

Afghan Voices
Dec 22, 2021

By Mahtab Sahel
Translated by Asadullah Jafari “Pezhman”

Bloody headlines of world news, Kabul

Murder, escape, crying, volcano blasts, Kabul

The bitter screams of the wounded left on the ground

When will it reach near the God in heaven, Kabul?

You remain as tired as the corpse of young

between the filthy teeth of dogs, Kabul

Gunpowder and mortars from your streets every moment

Your clouds, instead of the hemlock rain, Kabul

These days you are amidst death and misery

These days you are among enemies, Kabul

How long must you bear dying every day?

Nothing came of others, Kabul

You are a mother with bloody breasts

Poisoning the throats of the children, Kabul

I love you with all these ruins and ruins

Stay with me! Stay with me! Stay with me, Kabul!



Afghan Voices

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