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1 min readApr 10, 2019

A poem by Amir S.

Boghz is when your beloved breaks
her oath to you and you feel
a strange pain in your throat
like you might cry.

Boghz is when you cannot shout
out loud with all your pain,
sorrow and laughter.

Boghz is the pain that keeps
you from sleeping
when your lover flees.

Boghz is when you feel
that you will be sick
forever, eternally

Boghz is how you feel without
her, internally

Boghz is your fake smile
when your lover leaves you
without any care

Boghz is a knife to your back
from someone who once
made you proud

Boghz is when you are left alone
and all the sorrows and pain
are on you alone

As your former beloved leaves
so will these days
You will be happy
At peace with your lover
in different ways

Boghz will turn into a smile
It will turn into a smile

*Boghz is a Persian word. There is no one word equivalent in English. One definition describes it as “the physical building up of sorrow and pain in the throat/chest before crying but being unable to cry.”



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