Both Your Spring & Your Autumn are Glossy Daykundi

Afghan Voices
Nov 27, 2021

By Mohammad Essa Anwari
Translation by Asadullah Jafari “Pezhman”

Miramur District of Daykundi Province, Afghanistan. Photo by Qadar Rafat

Both your spring & your autumn are pleasant

Your dignity is the center of Daykundians

In the April & May almond flower season

Your air heals a deep & infected wound

You are now a motherless chicken

You are a broken crown, your wings crippled

You fell into the hands of everyone & ignoble

You are without support & guidance

Where did all your assets & facilities go?

You are like a ring without a jewel

I share your pains & sorrows

You are instead a mother to me

If you believe my words a little & slightly

Your goodness will not return anymore



Afghan Voices

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