Cruel Love

Afghan Voices
1 min readDec 3, 2018

A poem by Arif H

What a cruel time
Love has lost its beauty
Its purity erased from my life

When my heart was broken
Love’s beauty shattered
Into pieces of materialism

Now I want to celebrate impurity
To heal my wounds
I yearn to free my senses

And dance in the absurdity
That love could be beautiful
I want to get wild

As you made me suffer
Through your betrayal
So I wish that treachery
Might come to you

When I consider that people
Are judged for wealth instead
Of integrity or character

That the dirty hands
Of the corrupted
Are always appreciated

I contemplate corruption
Wishing the world might understand
My anger, sadness and pain

But no! I am not capable
Of wrong-doing or the fraud
Of false affection

Even your mundane
Unworthy love cannot
Cause me to betray my self

Even my feelings are not for sale
Sad and tyrannical world
Difficult to understand

I bid farewell to another glimpse
Of your beautiful eyes

The scenery of those fantastic gentle moves
The wonderful rhythm
Of your heavenly touches

Were you or were you not
A blessing
To be cherished



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