14th of June 1979 Ahmad Zahir

Dead on the Day of his Birth

Afghan Voices
2 min readNov 11, 2019

A poem by Hajar Hussaini

Ahmad Zahir, Afghan musician, songwriter, and composer. 6/14/46–6/14/79

Laili Laili & I loom out of the
awaiting a new child to become the savior
our king
driving away
the million grasshoppers
their territories pristine
abundant market places & nuclear
no sculpture is carved
under his name — except
a gravestone
which then became a harmonic clime
for fledgling lovebirds
throughout chapters
it was blown to pieces
colored bangles
nomad eyes: women
chattering sun faded Panjabi
alley everyone
dancing in maxi
melodies parties
cinematic smiles
karachis bedroom walls & graffiti’s
a prodigy
traveling through
time intervals & periodic tables
even geometries
when he sang & sang & sang
till everyone was absolut drunk
– embodying the eccentric
& all those things
changed in forty years forty years
forty years forty years
forty years
of change
now empty chalices & no winery bar daman e Kabul
purple & green grapes
prisoned in wood fibers

an ending / life will eventually
end / there’s no need for submission / if circumstances of our living
is based off submission / there’s no need to live

About the Author: Hajar Hussaini is an Afghan poet living in the U.S. where she pursues an MFA in Poetry at the University of Iowa Writer’s Workshop.



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