Dear Women of Afghanistan

Afghan Voices
1 min readApr 12, 2022

By Zaki

You have the right to study
The right to walk and jog
To talk
No one should stop you

Now you are captives
Stuck in homes
Unable to go out
Often condemned
Still you hold on to hope
That these harsh conditions
Will be removed forever
These must not be permanent

Dear Women of Afghanistan
As a man I know
You are most important

Your lives have been difficult
You were splashed and raped
Beaten like beasts
Killed by guns
Treated like slaves

Abused by everyone
Married by force
You were scorned

But you should be free
To be mothers, sisters, daughters
And to study in school

Dear women of Afghanistan
Through schooling
You can be nurses, doctors
Teachers and more
Your dreams
For better lives
Can bring light and hope

You want to live
To make good lives
For yourselves
Your families, your country

I pledge to encourage
To help you achieve
these dreams

To keep hope alive
for you
for Afghanistan



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