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2 min readJul 8, 2019

A Poem by Gulchaman

When you are far from me,
When there is distance
between us,
I feel like I am alone in a
corner of this big world.

Although the world is very big
and there are many people
around me, no one can
take your place.

People say that everyone
should be independent but
I break this rule, I say that
I am affiliated with you.

Because I know that without
you my life is pointless.
You are my excuse for living,
my love.

When you are far from me,
I don’t enjoy watching
the elegance of the sea
because when your hand is
not in my hand
I am afraid to even look at
the beauty of the world

When I don’t see your eyes,
I become fidgety.
I am not at peace when I
can’t be with you.
You are my heart and I am
unable to live without
my heart.

If I don’t see you,
I feel like I lose myself.
So, hold my hand again so
I can feel the tranquility
of being together.

Let’s live together and pass
every second of life together.
When you are far from me,
I am thirsty to see you.

See how I am distressed
when there is distance
between us.
See how my room is empty
and quiet.

I cannot see your smile here
or hear your voice,
your laugh here
So, how can I be joyful?

When you are far from me,
I miss your shoulders
I miss the moment when I put
my head on your shoulder.
When I can do that, I forget
about all my pain and sorrow.

I miss your hug
I want to be in your embrace when
I leave this world
I want to be with you in
the other world, if it exists.

When you are far from me
sunrise and sunset are not glorious.
When birds are singing on
the branches of the tree
I ask them about you.

When you are far from me
I sit behind the window of my
room most of the time.
I count the seconds until
you open the door again.

When you are far from me
the candles are snuffed out.
Valentine’s Day is not desirable.
The decorated alleys with
balloons and flowers don’t
make sense.

When I smile,
you also smile.
When I laugh,
you laugh with me
When I cry,
you wipe away my tears.

When you fall asleep,
I watch you.
It is a beautiful view.
I can’t get used to living
without you.
You are my soul and
my world.

Under the rain, I enjoy
Holding your hand
then you spin me around to
make me drunk and crazy.

Without you, my life is dark.
When you are far from me.



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