Don’t Worry My Homeland

Afghan Voices
2 min readOct 5, 2023


By Mohammad Zaki Zaki

Sunrise over Kabul

Dear Homeland
Your face is full of dust
Your clothes are dark
Your head is always down
Your arms are cracked
Your legs are broken
Your eyes are blind
Your ears are deaf
Your skin is sallow

Don’t worry my country
Your father has left you behind
Your mother has deceived you
Your brother has betrayed you
Your sister has destroyed you
Your street is full of blood
Your avenues are full of mud
Your rivers are full of blood
Your cities full of smoke
Your water smells like blood

Don’t worry my motherland
Nobody could even expect
No one might even imagine
Nobody would even predict
Nobody would even consider
Humanity is dead
Humanity has run away
Being Muslim is only a slogan
No real Muslim is here

Please don’t worry
We will make you again
We will change you
We will have you proud
We will come to build you
We want to see you
Your flag must be waving
Your mountains must be grassy
Your cities must be rebuilt
Your people must be proud
We would see you strong
We will remake you one day
As a proud country
We will raise your flag
The three-colored flag
Missed by everyone

Don’t worry my homeland
We will construct you
We will reconstruct you
We will have you shining
Like the sun on Baba Mountain
Don’t worry
We will make you again



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