A Poem by Sharifa Ahmadi

Students following their dreams

I had a dream of being an independent girl
Going to school, university
Working in an office,
A dream of having great jobs

These dreams took me years and years to achieve
My dreams came true
After much dedication

Now I am no longer that small girl
Who lets others make decisions for her
Or who has others select clothes
According to their style
Or who is given twenty Afghanis a year

Now I am the girl that other girls wish to be
I am an educated girl
A teacher
An employee
And a leader

Still I have more dreams
Dreams of living in peace
Of freedom
Playing and laughing with my friends on the streets
The dream of raising my voice without fear

One day I will achieve these
Until then I remember to take action
Remain optimistic
Believe in myself
Dream, dream and dream
Keep working to make
My dreams happen

About the Author: Sharifa Ahmadi is from Bamyan, Afghanistan and has worked as a teacher for Jesuit Refugee Services. She is currently a university student in India working towards her MS in Mathematics. She wants to raise her voice through her writing on behalf of women who live in many difficult places.

Writing by Afghan writers. Editor/Publisher: Nancy Antle; Editor: Pamela Hart