Dream and Take Action

Afghan Voices
1 min readJun 25, 2019

A Poem by Sharifa A.

I had a dream of being an independent girl
Going to school, university
Working in an office,
A dream of having great jobs

These dreams took me years and years to achieve
My dreams came true
After much dedication

Now I am no longer that small girl
Who lets others make decisions for her
Or who has others select clothes
According to their style
Or who is given twenty Afghanis a year

Now I am the girl that other girls wish to be
I am an educated girl
A teacher
An employee
And a leader

Still I have more dreams
Dreams of living in peace
Of freedom
Playing and laughing with my friends on the streets
The dream of raising my voice without fear

One day I will achieve these
Until then I remember to take action
Remain optimistic
Believe in myself
Dream, dream and dream
Keep working to make
My dreams happen



Afghan Voices

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