Dreaming of My Country

Afghan Voices
1 min readAug 9, 2022

By Mohammad Zaki Zaki

Kabul sunrise

My country
You are the color of my clothes
The skin of my body
You’re in my every thought

I know you are not safe
I pray for you
That you can be calm
Peaceful yet strong

An independent country
A source of hope
This seems impossible now
No one cares about you

My country
I am missing you so much
All the lovely moments
Have disappeared

We mourn our country
Even as we yearn to rebuild it
Afghanistan can be for everyone
But please stop killing Hazara

My country
I dream our doors are locked
No door to open or way to leave
No humanity to feel you

I am searching for peace
For brotherhood
Dreaming about spring after death
Struggling for a brighter life

Where is the ambition to help Afghanistan
Every day we are about to be killed
Every day we awaken
To the sound of bombs



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