Escape from the Homeland

Afghan Voices
Dec 17, 2021

By Arezzo Ahmadi
Translated by Asadullah Jafari “Pezhman”

If I am unfamiliar, forgive me

I am homeless and shelterless, forgive me

I am a passenger on the roof of the whole world

I am homeless and homelandless, forgive me

They forced me to leave my house

They forced me to flee my homeland and nest

They have set fire to my whole life

They have sent me to a foreign country

I do not know where the blackness comes from

Where did this homeless wandering come from?

I traveled on the sea’s wave

Where did the fish stink come from?

I am in the depths of the well, look at me

I am as homeless and brotherless as Joseph

The mosque is full of the blood of the oppressed

Whether in exile or in my homeland, I am ruined!



Afghan Voices

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