Afghan Voices
1 min readOct 2, 2019

A poem by Amir S.


It’s fall and getting colder
What is falling? What is getting colder?
Leaves are falling? Weather is getting colder?
Those? Maybe! Other things getting bolder
Election, debates, campaigns, politics
Politicians, those who are control freaks
Leaves fall, also voting sheets, not cheats
Leaves fall, also people in need, indeed
They fall when you betray their trust
You aren’t God
No ashes to ashes dust to dust
One votes, full of hope
One position, full of dope
Election is supposed to be cheerful
It appears people are fearful
We think we elect but two options remained
Of course, bad and worse; still, we maintain
There were death threats, yet we voted
For a generation’s today and future we voted
So that we may live a life, we hope
We are tired, at the end of the rope
This past Saturday, we voted
We seized the moment
The country will be served
By the new president



Afghan Voices

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