Afghan Voices
Aug 31, 2020

A poem by Sharifa A.

Sometimes there is something inside
It eats the body
It hurts hard
It takes away the mind
Gives the feeling that you are a useless person
It forces you to question your life
Being alive seems useless
When you tolerate so much pain

But no one even knows what you are feeling
No one understands you
No one shows mercy to you
No one talks to you
Here you think life has reached the end

Here is the moment you can turn back
To your normal life or choose to die
Turning back is about forgetting
Forgetting your rights
Forgetting whatever hurts you
Forgetting whoever punished you
And just accepting whatever life you have and continuing with it

You know!
It is the story of all Afghan women
Every single day this story repeats again and again



Afghan Voices

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