Hell on Earth

Afghan Voices
1 min readJul 22, 2020

A poem by Sharifa A.

People think hell is some other world
Somewhere we go when we pass away
But we Afghan women live in hell every day
Most of us don’t have to die to live in that place

We’re alive but actually dead inside
It’s like we can hardly breathe
Life here for us is the real hell
We’re alive but we burn inside

Burn because of the man
Who calls himself owner of his woman
We burn when he uses us anyway he wants
When he hits us in ways he enjoys
Throws us in whatever place he likes
We burn because he won’t let us go to doctors
Won’t let us even give our names to the doctor
Treats us like we can’t think

Oh! I dream of an Afghanistan
That respects all women
Where we can breathe and be alive
Enjoy pleasures like eating delicious food
Wearing our favorite clothes
Going to school to study and learn
Sleep without being afraid of being beaten

Can this happen one day?
We will raise our voices louder
As we keep fighting for our rights
Dreams will lead us to an inspired
Country where all women can breathe
Maybe we can change from hell to heaven



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