How Much Do I Cry?

Afghan Voices
1 min readFeb 25, 2022

by Mahtab Sahel

How much do I cry for my homelessness?

Grief over the destruction of my beautiful homeland

When I wash, my tears turn into Amus.

The blood flowed from my Baba’s shoulder.

Which mirror should I wipe with my tears?

The hot foreheads of Nilofer and Afray doctors!

My whole body and soul are burning

What is the cure for me that my homeland is burning?

They stoned each of my pupils

The bombs shattered my skull

They have attacked me like hungry dogs

They have presented an atan on my bloody carpet

Unaware that this desert has lovers

Behind each hill, the “Khaleq” has two hundred caravans

That such a place should not be left to orphans

Do not own the house except for the Buddha’s daughter my country!

Your chest is the window of hope

The sun is the only guardian of your day and night

The sky is full of sparrows and doves

Your plain is full of fragrant flowers



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