Human’s Garden

Afghan Voices
1 min readJun 16, 2022

by Sharifa Ahmadi

I dreamt of a beautiful garden
With lovely, colorful flowers
Flowers blossoming bright, vivid
Pretty butterflies fluttering, spinning
Birds singing their songs
Jumping from branch to branch

So much peace and calm
Everything in that garden felt like happiness
So much love, acceptance, and life

What would happen if the world was like this garden?
If humans were like the beautiful flowers?
Each one following their own way of life and no harm to others
If there were no discrimination of color, religion, language and country
If people on the earth accepted each other
What if some people did not make earth a hell to others
What if there were only love among them
What if there were no fights for power and thrones

Such unsolvable questions
People created the problems
Only we can solve
But no one wishes to really live in such garden
Only wishing to look at and enjoy such garden



Afghan Voices

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