I Am Losing My Hopes and Dreams

Afghan Voices
2 min readJun 1, 2022

An Essay By Raihan Rahimi

I am losing my dreams and hopes day by day as Afghanistan’s situation is getting worse. During the times when I am extremely sad and disappointed, I am sitting alone and thinking about how it would be good if I was born out of Afghanistan.

I would wear my favorite clothes. I would have long hair and love being a girl. I would travel throughout Afghanistan and go to Panjshir, Bamiyan, Faryab and take pictures of Buddha and the wonderful nature. I would share all the pictures of myself and show to all what a beautiful country I have. It’s really a disaster that I must be silent and limited because of my gender. If only I was born in another country maybe one day I would be a great writer.

In Afghanistan my only dream is being alive and having a piece of bread to stay alive. Being a writer or fighting for my dreams makes me extremely sad and full of pain. I am worried about having less hope and food in the coming months.

I am crying for the loss of my people in every part of Afghanistan. It makes me hopeless and takes joy away when I see a child is shot or died because of having no food. Afghanistan is surrounded by disasters and women and children are the people who pay the most.

Here my only dream is: being alive and having a piece of bread.

Can life be harder than this?



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