I Am Not An Object

Afghan Voices
1 min readSep 1, 2021

By Shafiqa

I am a woman
Created with strengths
Love, mercy, patience, creativity
Abundance and many more.
I have deep feelings
Passion, desire, thrill
Grief and sadness.
I am not an object.
You cannot own me!

I am more fragile than a flower
Stronger than diamonds.
My heart is big.
There is room for forgiveness, revenge
Hatred and happiness.
My dreams are large.
I want certain things so badly
That is true.
I work hard.
I am not what you expect
But I am the one I want to be:
The best version of myself!

I enjoy laughter and deep conversations:
Questioning life, death, earth, and the universe
I am not here to get orders or
Behave based on your regulations.
You cannot shut me up
Or cage me at home!

Pain built me stronger as
I have dived deep down.
Your capacity is not enough to understand me.
You insult me, beat and put me down.
You are afraid of my power
Because I am not an object
But a woman of strength.



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