I Know a Girl

Afghan Voices
2 min readMar 11, 2023


A poem by F. Bakhtary

I know a girl with a silent face but shouting inside.

I know a girl with a smile on her face while crying in her heart.

I know a girl, who understands others but has never been understood.

I know a girl who fights for everyone but stands alone for herself.

I know a girl whose wide brown eyes see the world with peace & love.

I know a girl with pinkish lips saying good to others.

I know a girl, giving love but never loved back.

I know a girl, walking quickly on the road to avoid her messy mind.

I know a girl with soft hands but carrying the responsibility of family.

I know a girl, fighting with her emotions & mind.

I know a girl, crying on the bus.

I know a girl, listening to music out loud.

I know a girl, praying hard.

I know a girl, seeing herself drawn but she cannot help.

I know a girl, dying little by little every day but walking strongly.

I know a girl, talking to herself trying to cheer herself up.

Keeping high standards so she doesn’t beg for friendship.

I know a girl who acts introverted, but yearns to be surrounded by her beloved ones.

I know a girl who has lots to say but keeps quiet to protect others.

I know a girl who sips the bitter poison of loneliness and does not accept forced love.

I know a girl

And this girl is she, you, & me



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