I Lost Peace

Afghan Voices
2 min readApr 13, 2024


by Mohammad Zaki Zaki

I miss the old days of Kabul jan
Days are passing like a year
Nights are lasting a century
Months are moving like a decade

No joys and no interest
No hope and no dreams
No plan and no entertainment
No emotion and no motivation

Where are you Peace?
Where are you serenity?
Where are you tranquility?
I miss you all
You are diamonds
Which are hard to find
You are like saffron
Which is difficult to observe

Please prove you exist peace,
We are like a kite
In the dark sky of Kabul jan
Which is carried everywhere
By a small wind

We don’t know where to go
We are lost in a deep ocean
With no way to the land
We’ve been left in a desert
Which has no ending
We are imprisoned in a room
With no exit

We are just wandering
Towards an unknown destiny
To find a window to see outside

Dear peace, please come soon
Dear rain, please come down slowly
In the dark night of Kabul
Bring us enough water
For crops, for us
To feel comfortable enough

Dear freedom, please make us free
From being captives
Dear humanity, please appear
Look around
Find these lost phenomenon

I lost peace
I lost humanity
Try to come soon



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