A poem by Zahra Hussaini

Photo by Sitara Sadaat, 2017

I want to get up in the morning
Go for a morning walk
Have a coffee in an open coffeeshop

I want to dance in the street
Hearing a song and
No one looks at me

I want to have fun
Beside a beach
Run on the sands
And no one cares

I want to ride a bicycle
A motorcycle
And no one laughs

I want to go jogging
in the evening in the street
and no one says anything

I want to go to the gym
At 8 pm and
No one worries

I want to play a guitar
On the corner of a street
And no one thinks it’s bad

I want to go to a party with friends
In the middle of night
And no one gossips about it

I want to have freedom
Which I think is a right
I want to enjoy this
Short life.

About the Author: Zahra Hussaini was born in 1994 in Iran. After the Taliban was defeated she and her family returned to Afghanistan. In 2011 she graduated from high school and in 2012 began studying at Bamyan University. She worked for the Jesuit Refugee Services in 2013 as a teacher and an accountant. She started writing poetry in 2014. Many of her poems were published on the Afghan Women’s Writing Project website. She has a Masters in Social Work from North-Eastern Hill University in Shillong, India.

Writing by Afghan writers. Editor/Publisher: Nancy Antle; Editor: Pamela Hart

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