I Want…

Afghan Voices
1 min readJun 11, 2019

A poem by Anonymous

I want to get up in the morning
Go for a morning walk
Have a coffee in an open coffeeshop

I want to dance in the street
Hearing a song and
No one looks at me

I want to have fun
Beside a beach
Run on the sands
And no one cares

I want to ride a bicycle
A motorcycle
And no one laughs

I want to go jogging
in the evening in the street
and no one says anything

I want to go to the gym
At 8 pm and
No one worries

I want to play a guitar
On the corner of a street
And no one thinks it’s bad

I want to go to a party with friends
In the middle of night
And no one gossips about it

I want to have freedom
Which I think is a right
I want to enjoy this
Short life.



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