I Want to Fly

Afghan Voices
2 min readJun 28, 2020

A poem by Mohammad Zaki Zaki

I want to fly that no one can see me
I want to fly that no one can touch me
I want to fly that no one can communicate with me
I want to fly that no one can complain about me
I want to fly that no one can flatter me

I am going to fly to another planet
I am going to be safe and calm
I am going to abandon danger
I am going to save myself
I am going to have good time

I am afraid of becoming lazy
I am afraid of becoming crazy
I am afraid of becoming woozy
I am afraid of becoming alien
I am afraid of becoming noisy
Over all I prefer to be a recluse

I should fight for justice
I should be burned for humanity
I should be killed for equality
I should be ready for revenge
I should be able to get my rights

It is time to get rid of war
It is time to escape from brutality
It is time to find a safe place
It is time to snub corruption
It is time to give up hardship
It is time to do something new-fangled

I have just a few days
We’re just traveling passengers in this world
With no time to meet everyone
Life is not as long as we contemplate
So let’s live blissfully

But things get tedious
I am bored of going ahead
Everyone looks strange to me
There’s no one for friendly talks
To sit with in close conversation

No one to greet tenderly
No one to meet and walk with frankly
Life has altered its joys
Life put on its dusky clothes
Life is not the one that I was waiting for

Let me open my eyes to look at the sky in this dark city
Let me decide for my life
Let me breathe deeply
Let me show my talent
Let me fly to be free from everything
Let me fly as high as I can
Let me hunt justice
Let me make a nest of safety
Let me welcome the future
Let me be a newcomer guest
I want to glide



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