I Was Left Behind

Afghan Voices
1 min readAug 26, 2021

A poem by Reza

Kabul Mountains

I was left behind
I feel empty inside because I am left behind
No one cares about me about my land
Somebody dragged my sacred flag down

I was left behind
I see No future no soaring in the sky
Now I am soaring, falling off a plane
When I was falling I remembered who I was
I wasn’t supposed be there, I had to be in school

I was left behind
I remembered all the happiness I had
I remembered what my friends looked like
I remembered why I chose to risk falling
I wanted to live longer and I used my last chance

I was left behind
I was praying as I was falling
God save my country, my family
But maybe he just listens to prayers of
those who spread war and cruelty

I was left behind
I remembered being Someone who was a lover
I loved my family my country and being hopeful
Now I remembered how my country and
my people felt when we were left behind



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