In My Dream Two is Better Than One

Afghan Voices
2 min readNov 30, 2018

A Poem by Sharifa A.

Early morning I open the windows to welcome
fresh air and morning sun into my house

Bird songs fill the sky
There’s so much blue to see

Suddenly the air turns smoky
Bird songs become gunshots

Blue sky
now dark

Once again the story of war
the story of violence in Afghanistan

I am tired of war, of bomb blasts
always the sad news of death in the streets

In my dream I want to shut down
I fall to the ground

In my dream there comes a man
who takes my hands

tells me I am his inspiration
his power and his world

tells me he will do everything
for our happiness

I breathe deeply and stand up tall
happy that he promises to stay by my side

Together we can save our country
educate a new generation
work for the bright future of Afghanistan

Just at that moment I hear my mom
calling me to wake up

I open my eyes in the early morning
I understand I was dreaming
Oh! It was only a dream
A dream I wish could come true

A dream about my future man
Surely we will meet one day

Together the two of us strong
making a better life
raising both of our voices for justice



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