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2 min readApr 16, 2019

A poem by Amir S.

They talk a lot but don’t think anything
You think a lot but don’t say much
They consider you shy

Always asking why
Why do they expect you to be like them
Why do they want you to change

As if they are your creator
As if you are property
As if they are the best
As if you are the beast

There’s beauty in variation
Consider a conservatory with only one type of flower
The world filled with the same people
What if butterflies were all the same color
Or poems all circling similar ideas
Consider if life was the same routine
How tiring and grim

Dance for yourself not for others
Sing your own song
Without worrying about the public
This doesn’t mean you can’t
Or that you’re not smart
You might not be social to all
But you have a few pals

You don’t talk a lot; no not to all
But hell yeah to some like the one tall guy
Who has been nice to you
Who would say hi first to you
Who would begin the chat
Who you’d like to sit next to
You don’t talk much but with this guy
The chat continues long to the skies

He’s the extrovert you’re the introvert
The birds are singing and you two translate
He says it’s a happy tune
You say the birds are sad and in pain
You launch into a story
About where they were born and traveled
How they were bullied, stoned, their tough time

Variation is beautiful
Consider a conservatory with different types of flowers
The world overflowing with all kinds of people
Consider butterflies decorated in different colors
Poems inspired by different ideas
Consider a life with diverse routines
How gorgeous!

Some see introverts as depressed
Or tired, needing a deep rest
Some decide that our world is small
Small as our notebook or our size
Or the four walls of our room

This is when I ask
Is this your world? This earth? This universe?
Humans? Animals? God? Gods? Creatures?
My world is bigger than you think
I embrace this world of various creatures
With various features

Do what you imagine
Fly. Build palaces!
Dream as large as possible
Imagine there’s no wrongdoing
No poverty no cruelty
Imagine dreams coming true
I am introvert but not shy
I am the way I am
Ask not why



Afghan Voices

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