Afghan Voices
1 min readOct 15, 2019

A poem by Amir S.

Kabul is love, Kabul is sweet
Kabul is mother, family
I wasn’t born in Kabul
But grew up with you
Though born in a neighboring country
like a mom, you embraced me
I was taken out of that place like an orphan
And you Kabul were my orphanage, my family
You shared almost everything you had
Maybe it was I who treated you bad
Like a family we’ve known war and peace
War’s been painful, we held on for the peace
You have Kabul River but no fish visible
Still precious like other monuments
Kabul you call up memories of old men and women
Stories are told about you
Good stories, memories not written in books
Kabul, you’re a home for the living
Your mountains like four walls
Your blue sky the ceiling
You have suffered, us too with you
The cold-blooded deaths wound your land
And though some went cruel
Yet Kabul many love you
We can build you
We can feel you
We hope to save you
We love you



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