Kabul, City of Blood

Afghan Voices
2 min readApr 22, 2022

By Zaki

The cemetery of blood is here
The carpet of blood is here

Come to Kabul
Fresh flowers dying everywhere

See them un-blooming
With your own eyes

See the corpses
Teenagers soaked in blood

Come and mourn for our children
Cherish these flowers walking to school

On their way to ignite the light of knowledge
Bring smiles to their parents

Such flowers our children
Ready to rebuild Afghanistan

Remove discrimination
They’re our hope for future

But the wolfs hunted our children
Tore their bodies to pieces

Where have you gone, loved ones of mother
The healing of our pain

Where should I look for you
My dears where are your supplies

Your pencil sharpener
What happened to your strong shoulders

What happened to your physique
Why is your bracelet broken

Why the blood painted on your backpack
All are covered in red

I should die for your torn shoes
For your red cheeks

For your sweet lips
Your soft heart

Thirsty during your last visit
Come home, it’s time for Iftar

I can’t find you please
Come home. It’s not safe

Where is your smile
Where is your laugh

Your hands were separated
Whose hands will hold mine

Your legs were separated
What are you doing, my son

Your sweet scent
No longer wraps around the house

How cruel and bloodthirsty, my enemy
Nor is religion the enemy

What did you steal from our innocent children
Like wolves breaking their bodies

As I write these words
I can’t stop my tears

Please help me God
Ease my sorrows



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