Kabul Is Not Safe

Afghan Voices
1 min readOct 26, 2020

A poem by Sharifa A.

There is no news of sunshine
No song of birds, no whoosh of winds
No flowing of waterfalls
No smile on lips of beloveds

Here are the tears of the dark sky
The anger of storms
The silence of Afghan politicians
Here is the jungle of people who lost their loved ones

Here is the home for thieves
Who stop you anywhere anytime
Take all your properties and then shoot you
Running away as if no one could see them

Here is the place where people are confused about
The role of our government
Is it on the side of thieves or against them?
Does the government want us to live in hell
While its leaders enjoy their own robbery and powers!

Let us find and fight against corruption
Let us bring an end to these problems
Let us live in peace and comfort



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