Killing is Not the Solution!

Afghan Voices
2 min readJan 4, 2019

By Mohammad Zaki Zaki

Releasing doves to celebrate the United Nations Day of Peace in Qalat, Afghanistan in 2008, over ten years ago.

When the dreadful sound of an explosion bursts out
We feel it as a pain in our body
It stops the beating of our heart
We know the apprehension in our society
Even our dreams for the future shatter

We stay awake nights and days
Waiting to end the war
Hoping for peace
Yearning to remove hatred
We do not wish to slay
To tease like enemy
To hunt like bird
To fire like bullet

When the terrorists destroy our schools
They burn our culture
Our history and literature
Our humanity
They burn our talent

I wonder if there is a secure place for us
I want a solution to end this endless war
To develop my country
And our different peoples –
Pashtun, Tajik, Hazara, Uzbek

There can be peace in Afghanistan
Peace that means security
For our society to be powerful
To shield us against opponents

Killing comes too much in my homeland
I wish the enemy to stop –
Don’t kill teachers — they show us the way
Don’t kill our doctors who can save our lives
Don’t kill pupils who will create our future homeland
Don’t kill parents — they support us as we grow

The explosions are not the answer
Let us come together
To solve our problems
Let us unite
For peace and prosperity

My pain is the pain of every Afghan
My purpose is the purpose of every Afghan
Killing is not the solution
The path must flow toward peace and tranquility



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