A poem by Mahnaz Rezaie

Photo by the author

In the fall, I wish to be a leaf
At the mercy of a forceful wind, or a gentle breeze
A nudge that can take me away
Separates me from the tree, swirls me in the wind
Makes me dizzy from happiness

In the fall, I wish to be a leaf
Sometimes green, sometimes yellow, sometimes red
Sometimes a mixture of wonder
Loose from the heaviness of the tree
Free of other leaves and dark branches

In the fall, I wish to be a leaf
Light, untangled, deep in colors
running in the empty valleys
jumping from one corner to another
Making a journey with the wind to
Wondrous places

In the fall let me be a leaf
in the hand of a joyous child
In the lens of a photographer
Or relaxing on the current of a river
Or drenched in the aroma of rain drops

In the fall, let me be a leaf
To fall, to be crumbled,
so that I can be reborn again.

About the author: Mahnaz Rezaie is a freelance visual producer and writer located in Haymarket, VA. Her short film, Wearing Scarf, was featured on MUSLIMA online exhibition and 2014 Women in the World Summit. She graduated with a master’s degree in New Media Photojournalism from Corcoran School of Art and Design of GWU in 2016. After graduation, she interned with the Washington Post for four months. In addition, she has worked as a Dari Executive Mentor for the Afghan Women’s Writing Project and as a digital curator for the OF NOTE online magazine, selecting artists and curating photographs for the Burqa issue of this magazine. Mahnaz currently also works on her novel and independent visual projects. You can check out her work at www.mahnazrezaie.com

Writing by Afghan writers. Editor/Publisher: Nancy Antle; Editor: Pamela Hart

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