Let Me Be a Leaf

Afghan Voices
1 min readNov 6, 2019

A poem by Mahnaz R.

Photo by the author

In the fall, I wish to be a leaf
At the mercy of a forceful wind, or a gentle breeze
A nudge that can take me away
Separates me from the tree, swirls me in the wind
Makes me dizzy from happiness

In the fall, I wish to be a leaf
Sometimes green, sometimes yellow, sometimes red
Sometimes a mixture of wonder
Loose from the heaviness of the tree
Free of other leaves and dark branches

In the fall, I wish to be a leaf
Light, untangled, deep in colors
running in the empty valleys
jumping from one corner to another
Making a journey with the wind to
Wondrous places

In the fall let me be a leaf
in the hand of a joyous child
In the lens of a photographer
Or relaxing on the current of a river
Or drenched in the aroma of rain drops

In the fall, let me be a leaf
To fall, to be crumbled,
so that I can be reborn again.



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