Let’s Stroll Beautiful Kabul!

Afghan Voices
Jan 15, 2022

By Maryam Homayun Kabuli
Translation by Asadullah Jafari “Pezhman”

Kabul City, Photo by Aliakbar KhairKhawa

Let’s stroll beautiful Kabul

Let’s walk to Bagh-e Qargha and Bagh-e Bala

Apart from war and horror stories

Let’s walk to Shahr-e Naw and DehDana!

To remember the narrow Alleys of Kabul

I write my name on the Kabul stone

My love and hope muted and faded away

I was reduced to ashes in the Kabul war!

Homeland your every border and land is grieving

The heart is restless to see you

O my God, grant us peace and tranquility

I’m here myself; my heart is in Mazar’s city!



Afghan Voices

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