Let’s Stroll Beautiful Kabul!

By Maryam Homayun Kabuli
Translation by Asadullah Jafari “Pezhman”

Kabul City, Photo by Aliakbar KhairKhawa

Let’s stroll beautiful Kabul

Let’s walk to Bagh-e Qargha and Bagh-e Bala

Apart from war and horror stories

Let’s walk to Shahr-e Naw and DehDana!

To remember the narrow Alleys of Kabul

I write my name on the Kabul stone

My love and hope muted and faded away

I was reduced to ashes in the Kabul war!

Homeland your every border and land is grieving

The heart is restless to see you

O my God, grant us peace and tranquility

I’m here myself; my heart is in Mazar’s city!



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