Letter to My Unborn Baby

A poem by Sharifa Ahmadi

Warm and sweet greetings from your mom
Sweetheart I do not know when you are coming to this world
I want to say I love you so much
My little fairy my love is endless for you
So please listen to some advice from me

Before deciding to come into this world
Please think wisely
Here is not a good place for people such as you
Others make the earth a fireplace
And feed it with voiceless people

I live in this world now
It gives much pain and torture
I think this discomfort is enough for me
I do not want the same for you, my innocent baby

If you’d like to meet me and your father in this world
Please be ready for every happiness
And terribleness at each moment
Be ready to fight for your human rights
Fight to be alive with education, work and joy

Your mom supports you at all stages of your life
I will always stand with you
Happy journey my love!

About the Author: Sharifa Ahmadi is from Bamyan, Afghanistan. She recently graduated with her MS in Mathematics from a university in India. She wants to raise her voice through her writing on behalf of women who live in many difficult places.