Lost in a Vague World

Afghan Voices
1 min readJun 3, 2024


By Mohammad Zaki Zaki

Kabul street

I am thinking to change everything
For a better life
A huge change

My feelings are lost
in ash
Surrounded by darkness

Even looking at the clear sky
I feel lost
in a bleak environment

I’m working to view things colorfully
though the world doesn’t have its joy
Life is no longer the same

I tell myself to smile
Emotions now are not as they must be
I look at the sky to alter them

I greet the morning weather
Awaken to refresh my mind
Experience a new day

I love the morning breeze
Walking on the sweet grass
I notice its quiet beauty

I wish for amazement
To be satisfied by my words
I seek out small joys

I am just lost
This confusing earth
doesn’t offer me the kindness

it showed in the past
I struggle to be calm
To unlock the closed door of dreams

It will not open
and I will never forget
when the sky of Kabul was unblemished



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