A poem by Madia Mazala

What is Love
I think of some answers
Love is peace
In peace there is no war, no killing each other.
Love is life
Living together and helping each other
Love is education
Showing you the way to live and achieve your dreams

Love is family
Everyone can go away and leave you alone
But family is always there with you.
Love is best friends
Best friends who are with us
When we are sad or happy
Sharing ideas and fun
Love is everything

Then I wonder where is love found
If we look at our world, we can see
Mothers with their most beautiful love
Working to make their children happy
Supporting their children to have a good future
Love is within our teachers’ hearts
They help you to learn and grow

When I think about love
I understand
Real love is life
Life is a teacher
Teaching us to love each other
Love with your life, family, friends
Be in love with your education
Love is Life and Life is Love!

About the author: Madia Mazala studied at SOLA (School of Leadership Afghanistan) and is in her first year at university where she studies agriculture. She works as an administrative assistant for FLC (Future Leaders’ Club). Madia enjoys writing and feels that it allows her to express things she can’t say. Her previous work has been published by AWWP (Afghan Women’s Writing Project) which she joined in 2012.

Writing by Afghan writers. Editor/Publisher: Nancy Antle; Editor: Pamela Hart