Love or Money

Afghan Voices
2 min readOct 29, 2018

A poem by Amir S.

Photo by Haseeb Khorami

I did my best for you
then you showed your true self

I found out about your ex
my universe flipped

When I first saw your beautiful face
I thought it was about sex

We talked for hours
about star crossed lovers

Romeo and Juliet
Layla and Majnun

At the foot of the mountains
we gathered flowers in fields

Walked down halls together
talking as friends

We held hands knowing
people would gossip

We did not care
about those false stories

Talking for hours about movies and life
We were like a remedy for each other’s scars

We counted millions of stars
imagined the future of our love

I thought you were for real
A woman who heard my feelings

I thought we’d change the world
with our thoughts and words

To follow our dreams
we were ready to borrow for love

When I was with you hard times were good
I believed life could be awesome

Till you fell for someone else
He had more money

My heart is broken
Was it all just lies

Was it only about money

You were the reason
to live to die

You betrayed us
dropped our dreams for his money

What did you think honey
That I’d love you always

There are plenty of others
Women who will love me

For who I am
For what I believe in

I’m finished with you
Goodbye forever

It is my life not others
It is the thing that matters



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