by Ahmad Murtaza

Like a stranger in some land of wonders
I was wrapped in a dark shadow
That hunted me like a clawed monster
My brain frozen into thick chunks of cloud
And my heart like a little wet bird
Shivering in an icy long winter night
My soul had been wrenched from my body by the angel of death
This was my life, swirling me in the middle of its whirlpool
Pulling me down deep in an endless ocean
I searched the sun, but my eyes were full of tears
Each drop sharp as ice
Piercing my hands
The sun covered in dark shade
Slowly and slowly my whole body growing numb
And with my disappointed heart, I wanted to surrender to death
Then one morning, bright sunshine glimmered in my eyes
The bird of life whispered a song of happy rebirth
My heart grew warm with the sweetness of love
My hands once more caught the butterfly of beauty
My eyes liberated by her pretty smile
Hope and desire of life saved me from the ashes of death
I was flown to the sky of purity to meet God
Each day turned into Valentine’s Day
This was the day I whispered her name
My heart saying Hamdam
Companion, my love

About the author: Ahmad Murtaza Ahmadi is an Afghan currently living in Kabul. He started studying anthropological and political books when he was in the 5th class at Marefat Private High School and gradually became more eager to study books. He graduated from Kateb University with a degree in Political Science in 2011. He has been working in the Ministry of Higher Education since 2012 and teaches English at Star Educational Society part time.