Afghan Voices
1 min readJun 8, 2022

By Sharifa Ahmadi

Mother’s love is above all loves
Mother’s value is above all values
The true love is mother’s love
Mother’s love is endless to you

Mother puts all her efforts to raise you greatly
Sacrifices her sleep to feed you in the middle of night
Dedicates her life to take care of you

She is the one who loves you more than herself
She is the one who stands always beside you
She is the one who always believes in you
She is the one who always encourages you to follow your dreams

Mothers are always caregiver, nurse
doctor, teacher
model, cook
servant, cleaner
dishwasher, waiter
Everything for you

But she never asks you to repay her
She does it because she loves you more than anyone else
She spends her springtime only to raise you

While you grow old
Take care of your attitude towards your mother
She deserves to be happy beside you
She is and was the only rescuer fairy in your life

Pray for your angel as you grow
Respect your mother anytime in any place
Support her while she is old



Afghan Voices

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