A poem by Nematullah Ahangosh

I can only send you my smiles
But you send rifles across miles
Don’t send me a rifle
When you could send a pen
See how I will try to gain
Something from what’s left of this game
Reminding you of the pain
Come see me again and again
The guns you send are in vain
Don’t drop the ‘Mother of All Bombs’
My mother is beautiful and calm
Most mothers are kind
She raised me
A bomb with her name is no joke
Her name is the name of peace
Let’s update the peace
Remember, you & I are just a small piece
Guns are not the answer
Bombs are illusive
Love is how we should seek peace

*Comment from Nematullah: “I wrote this poem as a response to Trump’s dropping of the ‘Mother of All Bombs’ on Nangarhar Province of Afghanistan on April 12, 2017. The Trump administration insulted mothers and mother-earth by naming this bomb ‘Mother’ and using it on mother-earth.”

About the Author: Nematullah Ahangosh was born in Ghazni and attended school in Kabul. He has worked as a teacher in an Internally Displaced Peoples (IDP) camp in Kabul through Jesuit Refugee Service (JRS) for two years. He has been an active member of Afghan Peace Volunteers since 2014. In January of 2018 he established a library, the Dupree Library in honor of Nancy Hatch Dupree, which is still being run by volunteers. In 2018, JRS awarded Nemat a full scholarship to complete his undergraduate studies in India. He is currently pursuing a Bachelor’s of Social Work (BSW) at Madras School of Social Work. Over the years he has tried to give back to the community as a peace and education activist and hopes to be an activist for nonviolence in the future. He is very fond of writing and reading poetry.

Writing by Afghan writers. Editor/Publisher: Nancy Antle; Editor: Pamela Hart