A Poem by Sharifa Ahmadi

Without you my life is meaningless
The world is black
The sun won’t shine
Stars won’t wink
Birds won’t sing their beautiful songs
Rivers stop their pleasant sound
The earth refuses to revolve

I can’t take a breath
My eyes go to darkness
My hands stop moving

The whole world catches on fire
All creatures are destroyed and die
The earth turns into a small black hole

Do you want this?!!
I know you won’t
You want me to live with you
In this beautiful world
seeing amazing creatures
Stay beside me!
I promise to stay with you forever.

About the Author: Sharifa Ahmadi is from Bamyan, Afghanistan and has worked as a teacher for Jesuit Refugee Services. She recently graduated with her MS in Mathematics from a university in India. She wants to raise her voice through her writing on behalf of women who live in many difficult places.

Writing by Afghan writers. Editor/Publisher: Nancy Antle; Editor: Pamela Hart