My Parents

Afghan Voices
2 min readMay 2, 2019

A poem by Mohammad Zaki Zaki

You raised me to be a strong champion
You never tire of supporting me
You do not eat before I have food
Or sleep until I doze
My parents you are my heaven

My mother …….
A glowing sun shining across my life
You are the strong ship rescuing me from dangerous waters
A driver who will not let me lose my way
My pilot encouraging me to soar in the sky

My father ………
The reason I am in the world
You work so that I will not be poor
And show me the way of humanism
My teacher in the skills of communication

My parents, you are …….
The sun in cloudy weather
My bridge in flooding moments
My umbrella on rainy days
You are my guides for life
My gift from Allah

When I was a child
You saved me from hazards
Taught me the lesson of humanity though you are uneducated
Encouraged me to seek the good path through the perilous future
You raise my hands and make me potent

Sometimes the weather is gloomy
Roads are unsafe
Drivers can be inexperienced
Passengers unfamiliar
But you, my guides, were perfect
Teaching me responsibilities magnificently

I pray for the sorrow-filled children of my homeland
Those who live without parents
Their siblings slaughtered in annihilating attacks
Futures burned by ignorance
And their homes ruined by terrorist groups
I dream of a day when Afghan children
No longer cry in suffering

With you, my mother, as comrade
And you, my father, praying for me
With your laughter, my father
Your smiles, my mother
With my siblings living in joy

With all this, the world smiles at me
The darkness of life gets bright
Nature finds meaning

The love of parents is heaven
And parents’ prayers are love
And their advice like precious jewels
The speech of parents a necessity
My wish is they are with me forever



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