One More Time*

Afghan Voices
1 min readFeb 11, 2019

A poem by Nematullah A.

Here & there
Out & about
I’m wandering
Waiting for the day to come
One more time when I overcome
All challenges that war brought
One more time
One more cup of green tea
With a friend under a tree
One more time to feel the sun
On my face for as long as I can
One more time to sit in the garden
To listen to the songbird singing from heaven
To read one more good book
Most of all I want to sleep
With peace of mind
Without thinking about 9/11
& what it brought
One more time
Without war and fighting
One more time
Let the kids play
Fly their kites
Soaring high in the sky
Let the children laugh
A laughter that can reach heaven
Let them to go to school confidently
One more time
Let the mothers not worry
About their kids
Just one more time

*Comment from Nematullah: “I wrote this poem when I was thinking about how people wish to experience one more time a moment of their life which was great before 9/11.”



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